Salamandr is a new furniture design publishing house. Our values are beauty, coherence of materials plus the French touch in addition. The creations of Editions Salamandr enhance materials through pure shapes, a playful world with cosmopolitan an authentic references. Our house combines traditional savoir-faire and an innovative approach of furniture design.

Our aim is to offer contemporary furniture which takes into account the impact of creation on the environment while also favouring an elegant approach.

Committed, our publishing house wants you to discover the new talents of French design.
Salamandr takes its name from the natural symbol of regeneration. Like this magic of Nature, Editions Salamandr want to offer bio-based creations with an almost neutral impact on the environment.
This concept of regeneration is also reflected in the circular economy imperative in which our publishing house fits.
Our Editorial policy is working to implement the famous “Think Global, Act local”.

Salamandr is dedicated to connecting people to their environment

Also, in opposition to mass concumption an impersonal cretions, Salamandr prefer to propose objects that offer a coherence between context, form, function and the materials they are made of. Convinced that change is underway, Salamandr surround thewselves with designers and subcontrators as committed as they are passionate. We offers a catalogue of objects that are surprising but fit into domestic use.

Salamandr stands out by including its premium customers in its research of aethetic, functional and relevant shapes. The collaborative research is combined with careful and responsible means of production.

Salamandr Editions