Unique skills 

As heirs to technical expertise as well as to soft skills, our craftspeople partners share with us their most specialised knowledge regarding conception, production and top range finishing touches.

Because our creations deserve the best expertise, we are keen to enhance a range of sometimes ancestral know-hows which combine technical precision and creative sensibility. The artisan embodies the art of crafting, and masters the standards and codes of the luxury world. The artisan embodies the art of crafting, and masters the standards and codes of the luxury world.


Our edition brand is proud to enhance traditional craftsmanship The whole range of cabinetmaking know-hows is placed in the service of excellence.

Committed to the traditional methods of woodworking, Salamandr’s creations use exclusively wood of European and mostly French species, produced by sustainably exploited, FSC approved forests.

Just like our designers, our craftspeople partners are master storytellers whose work aim to arouse our imagination.


Basketry is probably one of the oldest crafts. Basketry know-how requires very few tools and enhance a natural material through very precise methods. Wicker is a type of willow cultivated and harvested each year. Although more than 200 types of willow grow on French soil, only about 10 of them are used by basket makers.

Adele Lamp by Benoît Gaignard

Leather Work


Tradition being at the heart of our heritage, Salamandr is proud to enhance leather work. Quality, excellence and perfection are leather craftspeople’s leitmotiv. This ancestral savoir-faire brings us to the crossroads of modernity and tradition. Simple contact with the material elicits age-old sensations, translated into unique, iconic and timeless objects.

Shagreen is made from ray skin, which is usually thrown away, except when used by the luxury industry for its gorgeous pearly pattern. We transform this piece of waste into a luxurious material, thus highlighting timeless craftwork techniques. Shagreen is produced by a sustainable tanning method using natural pigments, resulting in its unique aspect and infinite range of colours.


Discover all these savoir-faire throughout our collections.


Ceramics is an art. the art of fashioning clay and setting the resulting shapes by firing. At Editions Salamandr, we wish to highlight this most ancient savoir-faire and to offer you, thanks to our talented designers, unique pieces that have always embodied stories and social bonds.