our approach to design 

The principle claimed by Editions Salamandr : to make your interior an elegantly designed and committed place to live.

"We decided to create furniture based on the observation that it is present in our daily lives has symbolic aspect and is supposed to be healthy. Also, because furniture reveals our cultural identity and the issues of our time. »

Why should you choose between design and ethical commitment?

Chair Co by Marylou Matharel

"Salamandr is an alternative. The birth of Editions Salamandr comes at a time when the number of start-ups in the pure-tech world is exploding. The omnipresence of the virtual and digitalization leads us in the opposite direction: to promote healthy an elegant solutions which can be traditional, innovative or both. To accomplish this mission, we cannot ignore online trade, which makes Salamandr creations very clicks and mortar products".

Publishing objects and contemporary furniture differently is a way of saying that everything needs to be reclaimed, reinvented. Nothing is taken granted. To be convinced, one only has to consider sectors such as the car, food and other consumer goods industries, which are changing their production methods. These new production methods are becoming more and more important in everyone’s mind. Our aim is no more than this: creating objects or furniture that we love and making them as we would like them all to be made.

The goal of our design label is simple: to create objects that immediately fit into your interior and that will cross eras.